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Many assignment writing services overcharge for their services and quote exorbitant prices to fleece innocent students, and provide average work; while many otherslure you with amazing discounts and cheap prices and send you assignments that are of questionable quality. This is where AU Assignment Help is different.

Our core values are quality, efficiency and competency, and we aim to provide high quality assignments for a reasonable cost. We call this “reasonable”because we know you are students trying to work and study at the same time, and therefore, we have kept the prices to the bare minimum possible. At the same time, we would like you to please note that anything cheaper than what we quote is practically not viable because this is the minimum fee paid to a qualified professional. All our researchers are highly qualified and experienced. Paying them anything lesser will mean they decline working on your assignment. We are sure you have heard of the adage –if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys!

AU Assignment help works on low margins and what you pay us mostly constitutes the writer’s fee. Admittedly this is not easy, but that is what we commit ourselves to. At the end of the day, our priority is our customer’s satisfaction. We believe that if you have placed your trust in us, we will never let you down and will give you nothing less than the best.

You also have an additional benefit when you order with AU Assignment Help. We do not levy any hidden costs, under the garb of transaction fees,delivery fee, taxes and so on. The price you see on our Order Form is the final price, inclusive of everything. No AU Assignment Help representative will ever contact you asking you to pay more, unless you would like to upgrade your assignment to a better standard, add more words, or decrease the deadline. If you have an assignment that does not fall under the regular word count requirements, on account of being too technical, you can contact us asking for a custom quote, and we will work out the best price for you.

At the end of the day, the question is about getting you that perfect assignment which will earn you a good score in your college, and fits your budget. And we believe that we provide a good balance of quality vs. price.

In addition, we have an excellent database of writers, and we match the writer as per your chosen standard. We charge accordingly to the quality of the assignment needed and the competency of writer. We have very good feedback mechanisms in place, and safe and secure payment policies. We come up with exciting discounts for you, and availing that would give you a great deal. We have referral discounts as well, where you can avail great discounts by referring your friends to us.

AU Assignment Help has gone the extra mile to make sure every single customer goes back satisfied. Your assignment is in good hands, when you order with us!

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